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A Fable's Origin
Fynian Encounter


ISBN: 978-0994523594


Misfortunes are an unavoidable part of life, but what if they are the result of something more than just bad luck and poor decisions?  
When Michael and Patrick become unlikely friends after meeting in a boys' reformatory, they have no idea that the tragedies that had plagued their families for generations aren't so wholly unrelated.  
When Avianca, a Fynian princess, materializes in front of Michael to uphold the faeries’ end of an ancient deal struck between his ancestor and one of her people; neither Michael nor Patrick's lives will ever be the same again.  
After all, meeting your soul-mate doesn't guarantee you'll live happily ever after.  
A Fable’s Origin: Fynian Encounter is the prequel to The Fynian Fable series.


Mad Town (book 1)
The Fynian Fable


The first book in the Fynian Fable series, Mad Town is a modern take on an ancient mythical creature, set in South Australia.


On opposite ends of the globe, Sophie and Ken both lead miserable lives which nobody deserves.


Ken is the ward of Mad Town’s greedy Archbishop, a creature whose devilish appearance would send a chill down anyone’s spine.  The master of Mad Town’s orphanage, the Archbishop ensures that Ken is beaten regularly, although anyone who encounters him is more than happy to lend a hand for this task.


Sophie is married to a Middle Eastern Prince whose insane possessiveness and cruelty are among his best traits.  How he came to wed Sophie, forty years his junior, no longer remains in her memory. The feeling of lust and the demand of ownership she casts on whomever she meets, is without doubt what caused her to be put into her current situation.


Through a course of events, Ken and Sophie are brought together in the chaotic and hellish Mad Town, where they begin to uncover secrets they never knew about themselves.


Torrential Reign (book 2)
The Fynian Fable


ISBN 978-0-9925547-1-2


Sophie and Ken must be dead – that’s the most rational explanation for their current situation – but when you’re directly faced with strange, enchanted beings; logic and reason fly out the window. 

The burden of heavy responsibilities, foreign customs and alien surroundings makes life for them – wherever they are – no less difficult from the ones they left. 

Sophie is once again placed into a role that she knows quite well, while poor Ken is forced into a position that requires him to master concepts and ideas capable of sending the sanest person; mad. 

No wonder Torrential Reign, the second installment of The Fynian Fable, is wrought with hate, pain, betrayal and unearthly delights.

Damien's Off-shoot (book 3)
The Fynian Fable

ISBN: 9781311878458


All actions have consequences but some outcomes are far more devastating than others. After recruiting Damien to help dissolve the Fynian crown, things did not exactly go as the Alliance had hoped.

With both Sophie and Ken's thrones now vacant, an adversary – like none other – rises from within the Alliance and stands against them. This powerful nemesis effortlessly slaughters their most ferocious and deadliest warriors.

Suddenly, disassembling the Alliance and restoring the Treaty is the least of everyone’s concerns. Each faery now has a decision to make. Stand and fight, or bow down to a new king.

Damien's Off-shoot is the third, most gruesome and ghoulish, installment of the Fynian Fable. Prepare yourself for a journey riddled with shocking deaths, astounding bravery and an unexpected ending.



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