Mad Town is now available internationally!

Huzzah! After after a lot of research, Mad Town is now available for purchase online! I found a great platform to use which will keep shipping costs reasonable. At the moment, it is available for purchase through (There's a button in the Published Works section which will take you right there). In a week or so it will also be available through all the Amazon affiliated sites too.

Now that everything has started to settle down, I can focus on the next installment of The Fynian Fable: Torrential Reign, which I plan to have finished and available no later than December.

On other news, my helpers will be at Gepps Cross markets tomorrow (26/01/2014). So, if you'd like a signed copy along with a voucher for Ramblings of an Unfocused Mind, head down and see them there. That's certainly a great way to spend Australia Day.

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