Update on Torrential Reign.

Good morning, afternoon and evening,

I'm aware of how quiet I've been lately and I apologise, life certainly has a way of shoving our plans aside and forcing us to conform to its wishes, but c'est la vie.

Anyway, I have some great news. I have finished writing Torrential Reign, hoorah! As we speak, it's being tidied up by an editor at Busybird. It's a little different to Mad Town, but I think you'll like it. All I will say about it is that I'm a traditionalist, but have added my own flare to things.

The cover is almost finished, it's being tweaked at the moment but I have to say it does look fantastic. I've used a different designer this time and she's certainly done a fantastic job. I'll be uploading the cover soon enough.

In a few weeks, I should have hardcopies in my hot hands and available for purchase at the markets with my helpers (Speaking of which, they'll be at Christies Open Markets this Sunday 15th June). It'll also be available online for purchase; I'm anticipating the e-book will be the first available format with the paperback soon to follow.

That's pretty much all I have to say on that front. On a personal note, I have been quite amused/horrified by our politics of late. There are a few things I'd like my international readers to be aware of:

1) Australians do know how to say Canada, not Canadia as said by our Prime Minister, who I might add was born in England. All I can say/guess is at some point between the two countries, his brain shit itself (I'm thinking turbulance from the plane that brought him here, left his brain severely bruised).

2) Most Australians do believe in climate change, please don't judge us by our PM as we do have a lot of initiatives in place (Brought in my state goverments) to reduce our carbon footprint. Some of them are stupid and a waste of money. Right now in South Australia, they have created a Bin Police Squad to inspect our recycling bins. Apparently there will be trouble if you find a sad face sticker stuck to its lid.

3) You might have heard Abbott refer to anyone being capable of becoming a 'Suppository of wisdom'. All I have to say is he's certainly nailed down the suppository part, I doubt he'll ever gain any wisdom.

4) Finally his stance on homosexuality is severely outdated. I'm at a loss to explain how he can be so close minded, especially given members of his own family are gay.

I think Abbott is a great example of how a good education can have little effect on a small mind. We should all do our best to free ourselves of our prejudices and ignorance, and allow ourselves to be open to new concepts and ideas. If we don't, we have a living example of how we'll end up.

I've got to head off now, take care until next time.


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