Fed Square Market Stall cancelled.

Good morning/afternoon/evening to you fine people,

I have a few things I need to cover today. Firstly, the second stall at the Fed Square Market, Vic, that was scheduled to happen on the 13/12/2014 has been cancelled. There are a few reasons for it, both personal and financial related, but that's as much as I intended to go into detail about it. My deepest apologies for those of you that were hoping to check out The Fynian Fable there, unfortunately things have arisen that have caused its cancellation. Copies are still available online through amazon and createspace (there are links to these on my Published Works page).

Secondly, my helpers will be at Christies Beach Open Market with a market stall tomorrow (7/12).

Thirdly, the progress of Damien's Offshoot. Unfortunately, I haven't completed as much as I would have hoped, this has been due to family comittments and being needed elsewhere. However, things have started to settle and fingers crossed, I'll have my draft finished by the end of the year. On the brightside, my writing hiatus has provided me with some fresh insight and perspective on the topics that will be covered in this book. I've always found that some of the most poignent moments in literature have been written by people who have lived through them. So, perhaps this delay will result in something that leaves a larger impact than would have otherwise.

Oh dear, I can feel my head starting to swell (sometimes a nasty reaction when giving opinions on what makes good writing). I had better leave it there before I buy a poodle and start calling everyone 'darrrrrrrrrling'.

Until next time,


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