Damien's Off-Shoot cover reveal!!!!

Howdy-hey, howdy-ho!

Sorry about my extended absence, life pulled me away from my online world (Damn you life! Don't you understand there are people desperate to read me announcements and thoughts?! Chuh!), but nevermind, these things happen.

Here's the important thing you need to know, DAMIEN'S OFF-SHOOT IS FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooohoooo! If you're reading this, I can tell you're just as excited as I am! It will be available for purchase in a few short weeks and I hope you enjoy it as much as Mad Town and Torrential Reign.

It is more darker and bloodier than the previous installments, and I hope you find it just as gripping. A lot of things happened in it that even I didn't expect. I can already guess what you're thinking, 'But Yally (How sweet, you've given me a nickname), how is that possible? You've created this whole world and its characters; how the hell can you not know what's going to happen?'

Well, I can't speak for all writers, but for myself, when comes to writing I only have a general idea where the book/story is headed; its the characters which ultimately decide what happens. As the creator, I can easily slide in and out of each character's point of view and this is what can lead to changes in the plot. Not all writers allow their storylines to change so easily; I guess they're more organised during their planning stage, but this is how I function and it works for me.

As you can see, I have uploaded the cover of Damien's Off-Shoot produced by Laura, the artistic genius at the Bookcover Machine. I'm astounded by the quality of her work and I hope you are, too.

Right now, the manuscipt is being edited and tidied up by my editor, Marieclaire from Busybird Publishing. It should all be ready in a few weeks, when to celebrate its release, I'll be having a special promotion for Mad Town, but more details on that will come later.

That's all for now, until later.


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