Damien's Off-shoot is here & Mad Town's free (Well, sort of ... )

Hello delightful people,

Well, I have some fantastic news! Damien's Off-shoot, the third installment and conclusion of The Fynian Fable, is now available as an ebook through Smashwords & Amazon, in a few days it'll also appear on other ebook retailers, such as Kobobooks, Itunes, and Barnes & Noble. Printed copies will be available for purchase through Createspace & Amazon in a few short days!

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I'm very excited about it! So excited that I'm having a promotion, officially from May 16th until June 13th, Mad Town, will be FREE! You can already download a free ebook from Smashwords, Kobobooks, Itunes & Sony. Amazon aren't on board yet (So Mad Town is lowest price I can make it, $0.99), but if you tell them about a lower price and send them a URL to another site, hopefully they'll end up matching it :) Spread the word, tell your friends, heck even tell your enemies! I want people reading my work, because without readers, my job is pointless. I'd be like a doctor without patients, completely useless.

I know what you're thinking, 'But Yally, what's next? Are you completely done with writing?'

No, of course not! You could not believe the amount of ideas I have crammed into my head, I have at least five more books waiting to come out. Incidentally, there is a fantastic quote I read once which applies to me, "You never write on a blank page.'' (I can't remember who said it *SAD FACE*). Although I haven't yet written a single word of any of these books, in many ways, they're already finished. All I'm needing is the time to make them physical.

The Fynian Fable is finished and if you read Damien's Off-shoot, you'll understand why. However, I will be writing a prologue (which I think is better to be read last, rather than first), which will provide answers to everything. There will also be a spin off book, which will provide info on Mab's time and the Treaty (Don't understand the reference? Download Mad Town and begin your quest of enlightenment :P). The other books I have planned aren't fantasy based (I need to step away from faeries and their world. Lately, I've been calling people that piss me off pus-bags), but I hope they'll be just as interesting.

So spread the word and get happy (or loopy, whichever your preference). There are links under my Published Works to all three books, there will also be twitter & facebooks posts on my profile to help you with your task. In the not too distant future, I'll also provide an option where you can purchase all three signed books signed from me that'll include random notes about certain parts, but that'll come later :)

That's all for now,


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