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Greetings earthlings,

Sorry it's taken soooooooooooooo long for me to blog again. I've been busy doing writing related things and have a few announcements to make.

Firstly, I'm now contributing to another blog about various topics. If you're into my opinions (because why wouldn't you be?) or like to read up about interesting, uncensored current events then check out Blaire Magazine (www.blairemagazine.com). My first article for these guys is about genetically modified foods (Stop the groans, it's interesting! Seriously, stop complaining! DO YOU WANT A SMACK? DO YOU?!). Threats aside, it's an interesting free online magazine with some interesting and passionate people. I recommend you take a squiz.

Secondly, August is my dettached placenta month (as one of my friends lovingly put it :P) and I've reached another milestone (I'm feeling a bit old, aren't many of these left to reach anymore). I decided to write a short stories about a character approaching my age, getting forced into the standard plan and things not turning out as expected.

I can hear you already, 'But Yally, what is the standard plan?'

Come on, you know it. We all know it. The standard plan is you meet 'The one' and then boom, you have kids and a mortgage and spend the rest of your lives throttling each other (okay, that may not be exactly right, but it's some deriviative of that). I'll admit this story is a little twisted, but that's deliberate. I wanted to highlight that what's right for one person, isn't necessary what's right for someone else. There's no 'one size fits all' when it comes to finding your own path or happiness in life. Blah, blah, blah, you get my point. You just need to follow the rainbow to find your own pot of gold.

'The One' is available for free via smashwords (check out my published works page and click on one of the smashwords buttons to take you there).

Thirdly, I have engaged Dennis Jones & Associates as my book distributor for The Fynian Fable. What does that mean exactly? Well, pretty much if you're in Australia (or in certain parts of the world), you can go into any bookstore and order it from their catalogue (if it's not already instore) and it'll arrive there (like magic :P).

Forthly, you can buy signed books from me directly via my published works link and selecting that option. Flick me an email just to double confirm your order.

There, all done. I'm all announced out. Now, I need to go and make breakfast for dinner (yes, you read that correctly. See, this is why I love being an adult, I can eat whatever I like!)

Anyway, take care for now. Remember to read a lot and try to do something different.


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